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Tom Stewart, Broker

Just because your broker is nice is not reason enough to give away your IRA.

I started real estate at the bottom of the recession more than 10 years ago. When actively selling I closed more than 50 transactions a year and at one time had over 72 million in listings. By all measures, people considered me successful in real estate, but my passion is in teaching. I decided to become a licensed real estate instructor for the state of Florida and when we opened our office in Jacksonville more than 5 years ago, I insisted on a classroom so that our agents could continue to learn and grow. I believe every agent deserves a fair shot at being successful, and I built my brokerage around that idea.

I never want to put anyone in a position to fail. I would love to hear what your goals are and what you would like to see change if you decided to make a switch. If you are a good fit, I will do my best to help you get where you want to go. If not, I’ll tell you to stay where you are. What do you have to lose in finding out what other options are available to you?

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Melissa Dills

Johonny Sarante

Marc Cameron

I have been a Realtor for 17 years the good years and the tough ones during the housing crash. Tom has been by far the most accessible , knowledgeable and very professional also. I would recommend Tom Stewart with LaRosa Realty North Florida to anyone who wants to get a head in Real Estate. He teaches Real Estate Classes always give good advice, I have called several times over the years. I have known Tom for several years now he is just a great human being.

Theresa Robertson

There are many things I can list about La Rosa Realty N. Fl that I like but to keep it simple. My Broker listens and helps every time I need him,  I love the technology we have as it is more than most agents will ever use but has everything I want as a Techy Realtor, our office space is beautiful and wonderful for face to face meetings with customers and fits us well for Agent Training Classes we attend. La Rosa is the right fit for me.

Kit Labitan

One thing I like most of our company La Rosa Realty North FL LLC aside from providing us the proper tools of the trade; training in all aspects of the real estate business; 24 hrs/7 days support; and valuable informations; its the compassion and charitable undertakings not only to its agents but to whoever is in need of assistance. I can say this because I was one a recipient of such charitable act. Thank you!

Maria Martinez

I came in to La Rosa as a newby and have had the privilege of learning the Ropes from Tom. La Rosa stands for family and home and that’s what you have when you join La Rosa NorthFlorida LLC. Come home to family we have been waiting for you.

Tonya Sciandra

La Rosa Realty North Florida gives you constant support. A Broker who is Always there for you! Each agent wants the best for others and wants to see each other succeed. We are FAMILY! 

Elizabeth Miller

La Rosa North Florida has a special kind of energy. The working environment is inclusive and encouraging. Everyone is open to sharing their own experiences to help you grow and reach your goals. The learning tools and training sessions offered to new agents is filled with an abundance of information that I found invaluable to building my new business.

Gale Montague

I had the pleasure of joining La Rosa Realty North Florida about a year and a half ago. (Today is April 17, 2020). I had already worked at three other brokerage companies and was looking for where I fit in. The moment I met Tom Stewart, I knew I found my home. Tom is very welcoming and approachable. Two attributes in a broker I feel is important. I need to feel I can go to my broker with any question and situation. Tom gives me just that. He is available, accessible and accommodating. He is extremely knowledgable with all aspect of the real estate business. He responds to every form of communication. He guides you through situations in a manner that makes you feel as if you are brainstorming. Allows you the ownership of decisions even if it was his idea. He makes you feel important. The atmosphere of the office is encouraging and family oriented. Every agent offers up ideas and options in a manner that is helpful and energetic. There is not one agent that is not willing to help, collaborate or discuss ideas or business planning. It is so refreshing to be part of the business family. This is the result of Tom as our leader. Tom is also a certified educator. This was an incredible benefit when I decided to get my broker license. It is also a great benefit to further your education or if you need required continuing education. Tom is an extremely well rounded broker. Tom fits every aspect of what I need and want in a broker. Thank you for showing me the path of being a great broker associate.

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