La Rosa Coaching


0-12 Transactions Per Year

This phase is for agents ready to make their real estate career there main source of income and turn it into a life long, sustaining career. Launch will help you acquire the income necessary to fund your life and then invest in your business in order to take it to the next level.


13-24 Transactions Per Year

For agent that have taken action in their business and are experiencing growth. Now is the time to invest some of the profits in their operation and to start strategically leveraging some of the non-income producing activities in order to concentrate in the ones that bring the money in.

Team Buildling

24+ Transactions Per Year

Real Estate, when viewed as a business, offers one of the most profitable and rewarding opportunities today. Team Building is designed for agents who are ready to leverage their operation and build a business. Through our coaching, the agents will be able to set up their team the right way and avoid costly mistakes and setbacks. We provide guidance based on proven systems and our experience.

Tom Stewart Instructor

Tom oversees the coaching program for La Rosa Realty North Florida and is also a licensed real estate instructor for the state of Florida. Our office was designed with a classroom so that our agents can continue to learn and grow. Our launch program was developed specifically to help you learn several options for lead generation as well as the technical aspects of transactions. If you don’t know how to find the business, all the training in the world will not get you a commission check. We understand that getting 100% commission of nothing-is still nothing!

All newly licensed agents and anyone closing less than 3 transactions in a year are required to enter our coaching program when joining La Rosa Realty North Florida. Your first 3 transactions will be on a 70/30 commission split. After that you can immediately move to 100% commission, or continue in coaching if you prefer. Experienced agents can join at 100% commission from day one. The option to join coaching if you need it is always available at anytime.

In addition to your coach and broker, you may be assigned to an experienced agent as a mentor. Our agents often work together on marketing, and share tips on their success with others in our office. We work together as a family!

Our new agent course includes the following:

  • Orientation
  • Calling Your Sphere of Influence
  • Converting Inquiries to Leads
  • Open Houses
  • Prospecting for Listings
  • Preparing Listing Documents
  • Listing Presentation
  • Working with Buyers
  • Preparing FAR Contracts
  • Preparing NEFAR Contracts
  • Negotiating / Personality Types
  • Contract to Close
We are a brokerage built with a focus on giving real estate agents a great commission structure without sacrificing support, tools and technology.
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